• Name: DMHA
  • * CAS #: 543-82-8
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Product Name:DHMA

Color:white crystal powder

Main Ingredient:2-Aminoisoheptane

Assay:99% min

CAS No.:543-82-8

EINECS No.:208-851-1

Main function:weight loss or fat burner

Grade:Dietary supplement

DMHA also called 2-Aminoisoheptane. DMHA extract from plant,which is Sources for aconitum .Most of us know that DMHA is synthetic 2-amino-6-methylheptane, also 1,5-Dimethylhexylamine . DMHA is a fun new stimulant. There are a lot of researches DMHA compound with a ingredient can release a product that produces the same results as geranium oil (DMAA) and AMP citrate. We’re entirely sure that’s true, and it’s not far from our experiences! DMHA has a similar structure to that of DMAA and AMP Citrate (DMBA). All of these compounds are classified as “psychostimulants”.