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  • Name: NMP/ 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone
  • * CAS #: 872-50-4
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1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone/ N-methyl-pyrrolidone/ NMP solvent factory price cas no 872-50-4
Product Description
        N - Methyl pyrrolidone as NMP, molecular formula: C5H9NO, English: 1 - Methyl - 2 - pyrrolidinone, appearance is colorless to light yellow transparent liquid, slight ammonia odor, in any proportion of immiscible with water, but soluble in ether, acetone and ester, halogenated hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons and other organic solvents, and almost all completely mixed solvent, boiling point 204 ºC, flash point 91 ºC, hygroscopicity strong, stable chemical performance, no corrosion of carbon steel, aluminum, slightly corrosive to copper. It has the advantages of low viscosity, good chemical stability and thermal stability, high polarity, low volatility, and unlimited miscibility with water and many organic solvents. This product belongs to micro drug, the allowable limit concentration in the air is 100PPM.
          This product is an important chemical raw material, a polar solvent with good selectivity and stability properties , low toxicity, high boiling point , strong solvency, non-inflammable, has many advantages, such as the biodegradation, reutilization, safety in use and suitable for many kinds of prescription,etc. Its main applications are as follows: 
1). Industrial Class:   Lubricant refining; Electrical insulant; Pesticide accessory ingredient; High-class coating, printing ink, pigment;ect.
2). Fiber Class:  Concentrate the acetylene; Extracte the butadiene, isoprene,aromatics, Polymerizing solvent for the engineering plastics which are difficult to dissolve(such as the polyphenylene sulfide and the polyimide) and the aromatic fiber; 
3). Electric Class: Polymerizing lithium ion battery.
4). Reagent Class: deoil, defat, dewax, burnish, anti- rust and depainting,etc used in Integrated circuit profession and so on hard disk line, Requested strictly to control the metallic ion and Tiny dust particle; and The artifcial kidney function film liquid and the sea water desalination film liquid.