• Name: Retinaldehyde, Nanoactive RAL
  • * CAS #: 116-31-4
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Nanoactive RAL is a novel retinal nanoliposome formulation (NanoLiposomal RAL).
Product Name: Nanoactive RAL, BioaActive Retinaldehyde; BioActive Retinal; Soluble Retinal; Soluble Retinaldehyde;Nano Liposomal RALCAS: 116-31-4


Retinaldehyde (RAL), also known as vitamin A aldehyde, is a derivative of retinol after oxidation. It is formed by oxidative cleavage of β-carotene. If  reduced, retinol can be attained; If oxidized, retinoic acid can be attained.Retinoic acid。”. The role of retinoic acid (Vitamin A) in skin diseaseis very extensive, but due to local irritation, its clinical application is limited to some extent.Retinaldehyde is an intermediate metabolite of natural retinoic acid and has similar biological activity as retinoic acid. But the skin is significantly more tolerant to retinoic acid.