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  • Name: Scopolamine
  • * CAS #: 51-34-3
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Appearance:White crystaline powder
Formula :C17H21NO4 
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ACTION: Scopolamine in the pharmacological effects of belladonna alkaloids strongest one, can be used to block the parasympathetic, also used as a central nervous system depressants. Its role is similar to atropine, but the role of a strong and relatively short-lived. Clinical use is generally its hydrobromide, can be used for narcotic analgesic, cough, asthma, for Motion Sickness effective, it can also be used to control stiffness and tremor of Parkinson's disease.
The clinical use of sedative drugs for general anesthesia before the administration, motion sickness, tremor, paralysis, manic psychosis, organic phosphorus pesticide poisoning. As the product both excited breathing and calming effect on the brain cortex was therefore very heavy Japanese encephalitis for rescue respiratory failure (often accompanied by frequent violent convulsions) are also effective.